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Creating Adventures that Last a Lifetime

Mauro was passionate about endurance sports since very young age. His first love was running.

Since 2016 He has traveled by bike for more then 30,000 km, across 10 different countries.

In 2018 He has achieved the dream of a lifetime: 5,700 km by bike up to the Arctic Circle where He swam for 230 km, after which He has walked for 1000km becoming the first person ever to reach North Cape by completing the World's longest Triathlon (7000km).

In 2020 struggling with severe depression he has continued his trip by bike. During the pandemic, after crossing the Italian Alps in winter He has been confined in Switzerland and he spent his time supporting homeless people and running.

Running helped him to heal from a very dangerous condition of mental health.  On the long term, Running saved his life.

The main purpose of his adventures is now to raise awareness for mental health, and to motivate people to fulfill their dreams.


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Born with the desire to explore and 

in seek of adventure.
If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't

change you.

I share the lessons and stories learned

from years of great and very difficult 

challenges for public and private conferences.

As a professional coach I can guide you to express your unexpressed potential to reach your goals and dreams.

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