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Updated: Dec 12, 2023


One day fear knocked on the door. Courage opened up, but there was no one left. (Goethe)

We should not force ourselves not to be afraid, but try to act despite the fear. This is courage, and when we manage to do something that scared us before, we often realize that it was less difficult than our imagination suggested.

Fear is the enemy that stops us to go where we would like to go. A big handicap for our personal and professional fulfilment.

In difficult situations, acting immediately often helps to exorcise fear and when we are in action we discover that we can easily regain control of our emotions. What are the small actions you could take to achieve your goals when fear blocks you? Often, just being able to act makes the initial fear disappear and the results come.

Here I was in the longest tunnel I have ever gone through, the North Cape tunnel: 7.5 km long, 220 m below sea level. The last big challenge before reaching my goal.

It was a dip in the dark. I had to jump inside the tunnel without thinking about it.

As soon as you enter that tunnel you begin to walk the long descent that leads to the deepest point, below sea level. The temperature drops sharply and the body begins to experience the lack of oxygen, which is normally guaranteed by the activation of large fans that promote air recirculation. When I walked through the tunnel, the fans stopped.

I started to feel the lack of oxygen early, and the deeper I went the more I found it hard to breathe. I have lived moments of pure terror. The steepness of the climb that would have taken me outside after hours of walking was another difficult challenge. I can't describe the relief I felt when the fans for the air change finally turned on, and I was able to take a regenerating breath of fresh air before reaching the exit.

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